Elewraps + The Elephant Sanctuary

Elewraps partners with The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee to help elephants retired from performance and exhibition. The Sanctuary provides safety, rest and companionship for this amazing animals as North America's largest natural habitat refuge for captive elephants.  Plus they are awesome people.  

Every purchase of a Family elePack will include a donation of 5% to help the elephants.  Every cent counts to make sure these elephants are properly fed (they eat a LOT), have plenty of space to roam and receive any medical care they may need.  

We love elephants here at Elewraps.  Their intelligence and family camaraderie inspired both our logo and Jeffy Tuskington, the Elewraps mascot.  We feel that such inspiration deserves proper repayment, and we want to give back to the elephants.  You can also donate directly to the Elephant Sanctuary by following the link below to their donation portal on their website.  

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Click Below to Donate Directly to the Elephant Sanctuary


Watch elephants at the Sanctuary through the ELECAM!


Oh so you found this hilarious elephant all they way down here, huh?  Yeah he's pretty great.