What are elewraps?

  • Our elewraps are thermoplastic spiral wraps that protect your existing cables from damage and fraying. Also, elewraps allow you to customize the color of your cables to prevent unwanted theft from family, co-workers, and friends. Everyone wants to keep their quality cables/headphones and make sure they last for years. That’s why we bring you elewraps.  

Can you be more specific?

  • Every elePack contains 1 Power elewrap and 2 Audio elewraps.
  • The Power elewraps are 140cm (55in) in length and 3.5mm in diameter.  
  • The two Audio elewraps for your headphones that total 230cm (90in) in length and 3mm in diameter.

Is shipping really free?

  • Yeah buddy.  Free shipping for all orders being delivered in the US.  Free shipping everywhere else in the world on orders $24 and up.  

How do I elewrap my cables?  

Can I use elewraps to wrap all of my cables?

  • Yes, simply see whether or not the cable dimensions (diameter and length) are comparable to a standard USB charging cable or headphone cable supplied by most phone manufacturers.   
  • Lightning cable = 1m long (39in), 2.4mm in diameter (0.09in)
  • Micro USB - 1.5m long (59in), 3mm in diameter (0.11in) These cables will need to have more spread out or looser wrap or you can purchase two!
  • Headphones 152cm (60in), 1.6mm in diameter (0.6in)

Do Audio elewraps fit on headphone dongles supplied by all manufacturers?

  • Yes, you won't need too much material from your elewrap to cover the headphone adapters coming with new phones.

    Other questions on your order or company information?

    • Email us at support@elewraps.com 

    Thanks for being an awesome customer!