Our Story

We are just two regular guys, trying to make your life a little more colorful with a lot less knots. We spend our coffee-fueled Mondays through Fridays slaving away so we can spend the weekend adventuring in the mountains or traveling in search of new experiences.  Whether out in nature or in the urban jungle, we know the feeling of tangled headphones and broken or stolen charging cords.  It really annoyed us, so we decided to fix it.  Born in the LoDo district of Denver, the elewraps mission is to make sure that your cables never stop, just like you. Who are we talking to? You, the weekend warrior, student extraordinaire, urban professional,  brilliant trendsetter and all out explorer. We want to make sure that you live your best life, while fully charged. Don't be a sheep anymore; it’s time to become the elephant in the room with elewraps.

Thanks for exploring with us!

Grant and Zach

"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir


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