Why Elewraps?

Great Question! We want you to stop drawing on your charging cords and headphones to make sure your best friend/significant other/mother/brother/coworker (you get the picture) doesn’t “borrow” your cables forever. With elewraps, you can pick your favorite colors, throw some crazy wraps on your cables and never lose ‘em again! We’ll also fix that annoying problem of spending 10 minutes at the gym or airplane untangling your cords so you can listen to your favorite Spotify playlist or binge the newest Netflix show. Our flexible thermoplastic wraps add just the right amount of stiffness to your cables to stop them from bending or fraying and to keep headphones from forming that insane knot while in your bag for only like, 30 seconds. Stop holding your phone at a 45 degree angle because “it only charges in that position” and get elewraps!